Hello, and welcome to the website of
The American Cocker Network Review (ACN)!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for
the support you are giving me as I endeavor to be the
new Editor/Publisher of this wonderful magazine.
Together, WE can help to carry on the great work that
Daren Hatfield started with this magazine. It will be a
thrill and honor to bring this great Cocker Spaniel
magazine to you on a bi-monthly basis.

I just wanted to let everybody know that the deadline for the next issue of the ACN Review is quickly approaching. This issue comes out just before everybody heads off to St. Louis for the National, so show off those dogs and handlers!

Advertising rates can be seen at http://ouracn.net
or on Facebook on the new ACN Review page (you can like it to keep on top of updates). I'm asking everybody to have everything in by June 22, so I have lots of time to put everything together before release in early June. Please
contact me for more information.

Kelly Ladouceur
Editor/Publisher ACN Review
KLAD Cockers

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